24 Hours of Lemons NZ

Welcome to 24 Hours of Lemons NZ – the cheapest Motorsport on the planet! Buy a ‘Lemon’ and bung some safety stuff into it, then hurl it (or nurse it) around a professional racetrack for up to 24 hours. Prizes for teams that last the distance – penalties for those with ‘misplaced talent’ – fun for everyone!

24 Hours of Lemons is where Mazda and Mercedes, Hyundai and Toyota do battle for the glory of gloating rights to Lemons, all are winners if they make it to the end! The very point of Lemons…..to FINISH!

Mayne Automotive have joined forces with Blue September for the second year to enter the Blue Balls team in 24hrs of Lemons NZ.


Event date: 15th September – 17th September
Venue: Hampton Downs
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