What is a Blue Do?

A Blue Do is a fundraising event for prostate cancer. It can be an office morning tea or after word drinks. It could be a bake sale or a fishing trip. It can be anything really where you get your crew together to raise vital funds to fight prostate cancer.

How Can I Fundraise?

When you register your Blue Do with us, a fundraising page will be created for your event. Share your fundraising page link with your friends and family and your crew and encourage donations to support your event. You can do things like:

  • Set a fundraising goal where your boss will wear blue fancy dress to your do.
  • Do something fun on a ‘dollars per day’ basis. You could dye your hair blue, paint your nails blue or wear blue underwear on the outside per day for every $50 raised. If you’re really brave, do all three!

How Blue Will You Do?

Now you’re ready to go, click here to register your Blue Do. When you’re done we’ll send you a free Blue Do Pack of balloons, bunting and other goodies to decorate your do. You’ll also get some great party food recipes put together by our ambassador, Masterchef Brett McGregor.

So what are you waiting for? Join the fight and help fundraise for prostate cancer today!

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