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FACE YOUR FEAR – Blue September 2016

Businesses, community groups, families and individuals all over new Zealand join in the Blue September campaign each year to get the message out to New Zealand men to “get checked” for prostate cancer. And they also raise a lot of money that supports the work of the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

This year we have an exciting interactive campaign called “Face your Fear“.  There are plenty of things to be scared of, a prostate cancer check-up should not be one of them.

By facing your fear for Blue September this year you’ll help raise important funds for the Prostate Cancer Foundation – it doesn’t matter if you’re afraid of something big or small, front up!

Admit your fear, face it if you dare, dob in a friend to face their’s or get a group together for moral support – there’s loads of ways to get involved, you could even text to vote for a well-known Kiwi bloke to face his fear. Go to to find out all the details and #faceyourfear New Zealand!

The Coffee Club VIP Loyalty Club

If you’re a Coffee Club regular then joining the VIP Club pays for itself within a week! If you join during Blue September, $10 of your $25 joining fee will be donated to the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Get yourself a great coffee deal and help support the Prostate Cancer Foundation at the same time! To apply visit THEVIPCLUB.CO.NZ

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